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Baseball Shoulder Strengthening Exercises: Video

March 12th, 2019

Opening day of baseball season is almost upon us– is your arm ready? Throwing balls can put a lot of strain on your shoulders and before heading to the mound, you should prepare safely. In this video, Dr. Haim Hechtman demonstrates variations of shoulder external rotation routines that can help you get ready for the season. Non-athletes can also use them for higher level shoulder rehab.


Start by lying on your left side with a 2.2 lb medicine ball in your right hand. Start with your arm perpendicular to the ground. Keep your elbow at a 90-degree angle as you begin to externally rotate your arm. You can make this a dynamic activity by tossing the ball at the peak of the rotation. Make sure to control the movement. A physical therapist might have you add a resistance band to increase the challenge. Perform 20 reps and repeat on the opposite side.

For another external rotation warm-up, lie on your stomach on an elevated surface. Hang your right arm off with a 2.2 lb medicine ball in your hand. Bring the weight up in the air, keeping your elbow stable with your arm. Again, you can toss the ball to yourself on the elevation to make this a sports-specific exercise. You should feel your shoulder blade and shoulder activated. Perform 20 reps and repeat on the opposite side.



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