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Leg Exercises for Runners: Video

March 6th, 2019

Now that Spring has sprung, runners are gearing up to hit the sidewalk and log some miles. In this video, Point Performance’s Narinder Singh, DPT demonstrates how to get your legs and hips in shape before lacing up your sneakers. With your gym’s pulley machine, you can work hips, knees, glutes and balance. Strengthening these muscles will help you whether you’re an advanced marathoner or newbie jogger.


Begin by putting the pulley machine’s arm at the lowest setting and find a clip attachment that you can put around your foot. Clip yourself in and stand. If you struggle with balance, you can hold onto something to assist you during the exercises. Set the weight to around 5 lbs (adjust as needed).

Start with your back to the pulley and balance on the leg not strapped in. Pull your strapped-in leg forward using your hip flexors, not your back. Repeat 30 times.

Next, turn 90 degrees so that your strapped foot is furthest from the pulley and the pulley is behind you. Keep your feet forward and lift the strapped-in leg out to your side using your hip extensors. Repeat 30 times.

Third, face the pulley and use your glutes to pull the weight backward. Repeat 30 times.

Finally, to engage your balance, turn so that the leg in the strap faces the pulley. Bring that leg across the median of your body almost as if you were kicking a soccer ball. This should feel easier and you can add weight. Repeat 30 times.

Repeat routine with other leg.


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