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Tennis Elbow Diagnosis and Treatment Options: Video

September 21st, 2020

Tennis elbow is one of the most common causes of elbow pain. The condition is also sometimes referred to as lateral epicondylitis. Tennis players and golfers both experience this pain. The pain is felt on the outside of the elbow.

What causes tennis elbow?

Overuse of the tendons on the arm bone causes the pain in lateral epicondylitis. Tennis players and golfers are repetitively swinging their arms from those tendons. The arm muscles and ligaments experience a lot of stress and injury, as a result.

What are some first-step non-surgical treatment options?

Non-surgical treatment options include eccentric exercises, bracing, shockwave therapy, and nitroglycerin patches. When those treatments fail, a diagnostic ultrasound of the elbow could be warranted. In this scenario, an ultrasound allows us to look at the tendons and see if this is the cause of the problem.

What if my tennis elbow doesn’t respond to those treatments?

Some newer treatment options are up to 80 percent effective at treating tennis elbow. These treatments include platelet rich plasma (PRP) and Tenex.

In PRP, we first draw blood from your arm and process them for the platelets, which have growth and healing factors. They are then injected into your arm to help heal tendons.

Tenex is another treatment option. We use a device to remove some of the degenerated tissue, allowing your body to heal the tendon.

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