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Elevated Plank: Video

September 27th, 2018
Point Performance’s Allison Haynes, DPT, demonstrates the elevated plank with leg modification in this video. These exercises can help viewers improve core function and stability. The elevated plank will target your core and upper body. After mastering the elevated plank, Haynes demonstrates the progression to the more-challenging floor plank with leg modification.
Using a counter or stair, get in a plank position with your arms stacked under your shoulders. Engage core and back muscles, being careful not to drop your hips or raise them higher. In the plank, the top of your head to your feet should form a strong and straight line.
To further target your core, bring one knee directly underneath you to touch your elbow. Once you are comfortable with the elevated plank, you can replicate this exercise without the step to increase abdominal strength.

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