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Mobility Stretches: Video

October 9th, 2018

The key to any successful workout is properly warming up by stretching. In this video, Point Performance’s personal trainer Phil Silberman demonstrates a mobility warm up sequence. Viewers can perform these exercises in preparation of a workout to open hips and stretch legs, allowing for a safer workout and easier recovery.

To begin, plant your feet wider than shoulder width apart and raise arms to the ceiling. Then hinge forward from the hips and fold in half, placing hands on floor (or shins if you can’t reach). Push your sit bones into the air to deepen the stretch. Stretches should be held 10-15 seconds. Reach both hands to the right and grasp the right ankle, you should feel this in your hamstring. Repeat on left side.

Stand slowly and assume the warrior pose or high lunge with your right foot forward and left foot perpendicular. This stretch opens your hips. Next place both hands on the floor inside of your right foot, stretching your hip. You can deepen this stretch by lifting your right arm to the ceiling and looking up and to the right. Repeat stretches on left side. Walk your hands to center and slowly stand up, bringing your feet together and rolling your shoulders back.

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