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Side Plank and Modified Side Plank: Video

September 6th, 2018
Strengthen your anterior, lateral and posterior core muscles with side plank and modified side plank. These exercises target your core and help with stabilization. Focus on your form and endurance while in side plank. In this video, Point Performance’s Adam Gershowitz demonstrates the exercises.

Side Plank 

Lie on one side with hips slightly bent and legs at 90 degrees. Prop yourself up on elbow, being sure to rest your hand flat. Pull shoulders down and back, emulating proper tall posture. Begin by pulling bellybutton toward spine as you press into your lower knee. Activate your lower glute and begin to push your hips up and forward. Return to a seated position by lowering your hips back, being careful to keep your spine and neck in a straight line.


Clam Shell: Once in side plank, rotate top leg to have knee pointed up while heels stay together, forming a diamond between your legs. Return to side plank and lower to seated position.
Raised leg: Once raised into a side plank, straighten and raise your top leg to be parallel to the ground. Slowly bend and lower leg to return to side plank.

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