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Physical Therapy and Headaches: Video

April 8th, 2019

Do you suffer frequent headaches for unknown reasons? Do you dread the onset of a migraine? Your physical therapist can help discover the cause of your headaches and help find solutions for them. In this video, Point Performance’s Sara Squires, DPT, explains how a physical therapist will evaluate causes and treatments for your headaches.

Head pain can be related to migraines, stress, TMJ, and neck pain. Your physical therapist will look at muscles that refer pain into your head, not just muscles that start or end in the head, but also muscles in the upper back and shoulders. These muscles are often the culprit for pain in the sides of the head.

Your therapist will also evaluate the temporalis muscle, which can be a primary cause of TMJ and cause painful symptoms.

Another cluster of muscles responsible for head pain is found at the base of the skull. These suboccipital muscles are responsible for headache pain at the top and sides of your head and behind your eyes.

Your physical therapist will evaluate these muscles and help you figure out the source of your headaches.

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