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Balance Exercises: Video

January 21st, 2020

Standing on one leg is a good test of how your balance is, but it does not emulate good balance in the real world. Very rarely are we forced to stand like a flamingo. Instead, balance comes into play while walking and moving.

Having good balance is important for all movement. Balance exercises can improve our ability to walk, move, and avoid injury. In this video, Point Performance’s Marc Adamec takes balance strategies and exercises beyond trying to balance on one foot. He explains that the ability to balance and move is also important and teaches viewers how functional, dynamic balance exercises can be incorporated into their daily routine.


To begin a double foot walker, walk up to a wall and gently place your fingertips on the wall for added stability. You should be about a foot away from the wall.

Rock back onto your heels and then rock forward into a calf raise. This helps improve your balance and strengthen your calves and feet.

Once you’re comfortable with the double rocker, you can attempt the single rocker. To complete this move, you will take a step back so you are two steps away from the wall.

Take a step forward on one leg and gently rest your finger tips against the wall. Rock back onto your heel and up onto your toes. Step back to starting position and repeat with other foot.

The second balance tip to incorporate is to watch your foot position when you walk and stand. Feet should be hip distance apart, so as you walk you emulate the double rocker bio-mechanics. You should feel like you’re walking on two parallel lines instead of a balance beam. This prevents your feet from turning in and gives you a better center of balance.

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