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Leg Exercises for Ski Season: Video

January 2nd, 2019

Ski season is upon us and it’s never too early to start getting your legs ready for the fresh powder. There are lots of great ski mountains within driving distance of Bethesda. Two exercises that can really help you Vonn the slopes are tuck squats and lunges. Both of these exercises put you in positions relevant to skiing. In this video, Point Performance’s Robert Gillanders, DPT, illustrates how to safely perform these two exercises, along with more challenging modifications.

Directions for Tuck Squat:

Begin with legs shoulder distance apart, lower slowly with your hips coming back and back straight. Return to standing position and repeat. While squatting, your knees should not track inward. It should feel like a wall sit. For an added challenge, you can hover in the lowest position.

Directions for Lunge:

Step foot back into a lunge, bringing opposite arm forward for balance. Return to starting position and switch legs. Again, be mindful to make sure your knees stay over your ankles and do not bend in. You should also not let your torso swing side to side and work to keep it straight.


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