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Hip Stability Exercises: Video

April 23rd, 2019

If you’re a runner, hip stability is important in preventing runner’s knee and IT band injuries. It is a key part of your training regiment to strengthen your hip rotators, glutes and improve stability. In this video, Point Performance’s Allison Haynes demonstrates three modifications of a hinge, designed to activate your hip muscles and improve stabilization.


To perform the hinge, you want to make sure your spine stays neutral. Use either a broom handle or walking stick to hold against your spine, touching your sacrum, mid-spine and back of your head. Don’t worry if you have a tough time getting the back of your head to touch the stick. It’s better not to touch it than have to extend your head backwards to make it touch.

Begin with your feet hip-distance apart. Moving from your hip joint, lean forward while maintaining contact with the broom stick at the sacrum, mid-back and head.  This allows the muscles in the back of the body to control the movement. Return to a standing position by activating your glutes. Repeat for a few repetitions.

Once that feels easy, you can up the ante by ditching the walking stick or broom and trying the hinge on one leg. Be sure to activate your glutes and deep hip rotators to keep your hips even while on one foot. For even more challenge, you can hold a weight in your hand on the side of your elevated leg.


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