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December 13th, 2018

Foam Rolling for Thoracic Spine Flexibility: Video

 You only need one simple tool to increase your arms mobility and flexibility of your thoracic spine: the foam roller. In this video, Point Performance’s Adam Gershowitz, DPT, illustrates how to use a foam roller to stretch your thoracic spine which increases your ability to bend backwards. Directions: Start with the foam roller perpendicular Read More…

December 11th, 2018

Happy Holidays from Point Performance!

Everyone at Point Performance wishes you a happy holiday season from the newly expanded and redesigned waiting room!

November 28th, 2018

The differences among an orthopedist, physiatrist and physical therapist

There are many orthopedist practices in Bethesda, but how do you know if that’s what you need for your injury? If you suffered a recent injury to the skeletal system, will you need an orthopedist, physical therapist or physiatrist to help you? What is an orthopedist? Orthopedists are doctors who specialize in bones. Their focus Read More…

November 20th, 2018

Using Botox (Botulinum Toxin) to treat pain

  by Point Performance’s Mark Klaiman, MD Botulinum toxin A, widely known as Botox, has been used by physicians for many years to treat a wide range of medical conditions. Perhaps best known for its cosmetic applications, botulinum toxin is also regarded as a cornerstone therapy for a host of neurological and pain related disorders. Read More…

November 16th, 2018

Treating Back Pain

Back pain affects almost 80 percent of adults at some point in their lives. Many have non-threatening soreness due to a strain or muscle overuse, but others suffer from more chronic back pain. Whether or not your back pain is due to any of these issues, it’s important to have it treated to prevent reoccurrence. Read More…

November 7th, 2018

Physical Therapy Versus Chiropractic Therapy

Are you suffering from back pain or have limited mobility in your neck? Perhaps you’ve considered seeking treatment from a chiropractor or physical therapist in Bethesda to help alleviate your pain. However, there are some big differences between chiropractic therapy and physical therapy, but just what are the differences? What is chiropractic therapy? Chiropractic therapy Read More…