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New Ways to Use a Foam Roller: Video

June 13th, 2019

Lots of people incorporate foam rollers into their exercise and recovery routines. Foam rollers are used for self myofascial release and give your muscles a deep-tissue massage without the price of a masseuse. By slowly rolling over parts of your body, you release painful knots and break up adhesions, which helps with muscle recovery. But did you know you can get more out of your foam roller? Point Performance’s Adam Gershowitz, DPT, shows how to elevate your foam rolling beyond slow rolling to deepen your release.


Begin by slowly rolling as you normally would. When you hit a trigger point (those painful spots), sit on it with as much pressure as you can tolerate. Then add a little motion, hinging the joint beneath the trigger point back and forth until the trigger point releases. Then resume slowly rolling out until you hit another trigger point, repeat.

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